Traditional media is alive and well! 

There will always be a need for strong journalism skills and traditional media.

But while hard copy newspapers may be in decline, we are still reading the news online. We are still picking up brochures and listening to radio ads. This means your story, your ad, and your business still gets the opportunity to reach your audience.

There is no longer a great divide between media and marketing content. Your local business, event or project will only get the exposure it needs if you combine traditional media such as press releases and ads, with digital marketing content such as newsletters and social media.

Media campaigns need media chops 

If your business relies on traditional media content or needs a media campaign that cuts through the noise, then you need an experienced journalist.

I’ve been working as a media professional (qualified journalist) since 2003. Then I was bitten by the marketing bug and had a love affair with technology. Over time I realised that media campaigns could only be executed as part of a broader business marketing strategy.

If your local business, event or project relies on traditional media and also wants to incorporate digital marketing, get in touch.


“Having worked with Elizabeth in a number of different roles and projects, I can enthusiastically recommend Elizabeth’s writing abilities, particularly copy writing, media releases and web-content writing.”

Sara Runciman

Media and Communications Manager, TAFE NSW, 2018

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Coffs Coast Alesco School 

Media and marketing campaign: November 2017- February 2018 

The Coffs Coast Alesco School is a new independent school, that empowers young people whose lives may be complicated, to engage in high school education in a safe and supportive environment.

Collaborating with internal stakeholders, I developed and executed a media and marketing campaign that stimulated enrolments, developed their brand and increased awareness of the new school.

Targeting specific markets, I coordinated messaging across print, radio, online and social media channels, creating content for media releases, advertorial, print ads, posters, radio scripts and boosted social media posts.

With young people aged 14- 18 years as the main target market, it was satisfying to see engagement levels on their Facebook business page skyrocket within a short space of time.

I’ve had the privilege of working with the school since the 2018 enrolment campaign, and am proud to see them growing and now established as an education alternative. 

“I’d recommend Elizabeth’s services to others because of her knowledge and skills, and the ease of communicating with her.”

Gordon Amann

Principal, Coffs Coast Alesco School, 2018

Scotts Head Festival 

Media campaign: December 2014- April 2015

The Scotts Head Festival is a small but much-loved arts, music, food and wine celebration in the sleepy coastal town of Scotts Head, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

When I came on board as the Media Officer, the festival was only in its second year and had no existing media publicity strategy. I promptly created a campaign plan, content schedule and Mailchimp email database, then got to work.

Throughout the course of the campaign I liaised with local print, TV, radio and online media, and created content such as media releases, radio scripts, ads, social media posts and more.

I also did copywriting for their new website, co-administered the Facebook page and wrapped it up with a detailed report. And just to keep me busy on the day, I ran a live festival Media Hub with digital surveys, vox pops and live Facebook updates.

Aside from having a lot of fun, it’s great to know that the Scotts Head Festival is now a fixture on the annual Mid North Coast events calendar.

“Elizabeth’s media skills were a great asset to the festival team. If any problems arose, she was always adaptable and had a creative solution. She was always friendly, enthusiastic and eager, to not only learn new skills, but to also share her knowledge and skills with all.”

Tina Midson

Festival Director, Scotts Head Festival, 2015

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