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Collaboration and Innovation

I won’t lie. I get excited about the thriving culture of collaboration and innovation in the regions. I bring experience and bucket loads of energy and enthusiasm to every project I’m involved in.

If you’re looking for the ‘right’ person with:

a passion for regional development
exceptional writing skills
a wide skill set in media, marketing and communications
a proven track record in managing projects
a thirst for technology, innovation and adaptability
a team player who embraces collaboration
the drive to share skills and knowledge with others

Then I’m your bird!

Bringing expertise to your project 

Are you looking for someone who can bring media, marketing, communications, training and mentoring skills to your next project? Someone who thrives in a team environment and can bring your innovative regional project to life?

I’ve had the privilege of working in community on a range of inspirational projects on the Mid North Coast of NSW, since 2009. I bring a wide range of skills, experience and the drive needed to successfully contribute to ongoing projects- and more importantly, to see them through to completion.

Get in touch to find out more, or check out a selection of project highlights below.

“Elizabeth Bond was highly organised and absolutely committed to the project. She approached each opportunity with a great level of enthusiasm and has been a fantastic asset to the Macleay dLab Program.”

Yenny Huber

Project Coordinator, National dLab Program, dLux Media Arts, 2015

dLux Media Arts: National dLab Program

Local project facilitator: Dec 2014- Dec 2015

I was invited to be a local facilitator in the Macleay dLab- a regional project embracing the intersection of art, technology and science, run by the national arts’ organisation DLux Media Arts, which covered the Macleay Valley and Dunghutti lands, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

The highlight of the Macleay dLab, was the ongoing Dunghutti Stories of Yesterday sub-project, which incorporated the pilot Peer Leader Mentorship Program run through Melville High School in Kempsey.

The project involved Dunghutti elders visiting six local primary schools across the Macleay Valley and sharing stories of ‘yesterday’ with the students, who then interpreted these stories through art. These artworks (on 30 cm x 30 cm boards) were compiled to create a larger mural depicting a historical and geographical story of place.

My role was to mentor the Melville High School students, as they in turn mentored the primary school students to create these artworks. They were asked to reflect on their mentoring experience and I assisted them in creating blog posts, images, film and live vox pops that documented their efforts.

During the project, I also delivered several workshops for the high school students, professional development sessions for other dLab facilitators and contributed content to several major exhibitions: Elders morning tea at the Oddfellows Hall, 800 staff and students at the annual ‘Marvellous Melville’ exhibition and a final public art exhibition at local gallery ArtMakas.

I was also the content manager for the Macleay dLab facilitators’ blog, developing a content schedule and style guide, creating ongoing content and supporting the other facilitators with publishing their blog posts.

“Lizzy was able to wrap her head around a complex project and gave valuable input that befitted the entire outcome of the project. Her expertise brought a finesse to the products in the project, that was recognised and appreciated by the funding bodies.”

Emily King

Project Manager and Aboriginal community liaison, Dunghutti Stories of Yesterday, 2015

“Elizabeth joined the Macleay dLab Program and her existing skills and expertise in communication, online marketing and media were quickly put to use when she was made the Content Manager for the Macleay dLab Blog. 

Elizabeth jumped to the task, developing some clear guidelines for the other facilitators and a detailed blogging schedule. She also provided continuous support for her team members via e-mail and phone whenever needed.

Elizabeth has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the year. She is highly organised and absolutely committed to any project she takes on board.”

Yenny Huber

Project Coordinator, National dLab Program, dLux Media Arts, 2015

TAFE NSW Live Festival Media Hubs

Project coordinator: Sept 2014- April 2015

What do you get when you combine passionate youth, technology and festivals? Live festival media coverage and an innovative training opportunity.

In a collaboration between festival directors and their local North Coast TAFE campuses, I coordinated a series of festival media hubs to get the music, news and views out there live, at the Macleay River Festival, the Nambucca River Festival and the Scotts Head Festival.

For national festivals this is a no-brainer, but in regional areas there just aren’t the resources. I saw a training and mentorship opportunity, where students could gain skills in live festival media coverage using mobile technologies.

I developed a training day for students, where they practised taking images, doing live video interviews (vox pops), digital surveys and live Facebook updates. Onsite I set up a wifi network, developed a content roster system and mentored students through the challenges.

What’s more, the data collected during the digital surveys were a useful resource for the festivals to record attendance numbers, geographic reach and for future festival funding submissions.

“Elizabeth’s impressive people management skills, professional media and marketing skills and festival production skills, really came to the fore. It ensured all parties achieved their partnership and education objectives. I can highly recommend Elizabeth – she is always a positive force to be around.”

Olivia Parker

Kempsey Shire Council Project Officer, Macleay River Festival, 2015

Complementary Health Industry Primary Research Project

Project Manager: Aug 2012- March 2013

When the Nambucca Shire Council identified ‘health and wellbeing’ as an industry that could be developed for economic, tourism and training potential, I was engaged as project manager to lead a primary research study to identify the extent of the industry in the Nambucca Valley, on the Mid North Coast NSW.

In a partnership between the Nambucca Valley Community Services Council and North Coast TAFE, I developed a project plan, pulled together a team and negotiated private office space. The team developed an electronic database, structured a survey, collected the responses and collated the data into a comprehensive report.

The data was startling. The industry was not only widespread and growing, but represented a nearly $1 million annual turnover.
These findings were presented to the public at the Matilda Street Art Gallery, in conjunction with an exhibition by renowned artist Kristin Hardiman, with an informal complementary health industry forum held afterwards.

Following this, a number of complementary health programs were run by North Coast TAFE, and community mental health expos by the Nambucca Valley Community Services Council. A Facebook Group ‘Healing Arts Hub’ was set up and plans discussed for a future Health and Wellbeing festival.

“Elizabeth was enthusiastic, encouraging, professional and efficient. In fact, the experience of working with her was so enjoyable, that I have happily worked with her on other successful projects over the years.”

Sara Runciman

Research Assistant, Complementary Health Primary Research Project, 2013

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