Digital marketing services

Do you know what digital marketing content you need, to connect with your customers online?

While you probably already have a website, you soon realise that your business needs to create a range of ongoing content, in order to grow and succeed in the long-term.

Content that reaches not only new clients, but nurtures existing clients. Content that is interesting and relevant, and is published on the channels where your ideal customers spend their time.

Whether you focus on blog posts, email marketing, newsletters, ebooks or social media, in order to be effective, it’s important to understand- what to publish, where to publish and when.

Why content marketing?

Ongoing marketing, or content marketing, is about more than keeping up with your competitors. Engaging and ongoing content:

helps reach new audiences
cultivates relationships with existing customers
develops and positions your brand
showcases your expertise and builds authority
improves your SEO and Google rankings

But creating strategic digital marketing content that supports your broader business goals takes time, and can become overwhelming. Take the pressure off and outsource your marketing words to an experienced copywriter 

“Elizabeth Bond is an insightful, patient and competent copywriter. She brings a strong ethic to her work and uses her skill to give voice to what is important to her client. I’ve worked with Elizabeth on numerous occasions each time finding her to be prompt, thorough and quick to understand the requirements of the work.”

Kerry Grace

Director, Evolve Network Australia, 2014

Marketing menu 

Customise your digital marketing content to see your business grow and succeed in the long-term. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Then get in touch to discuss your needs, or if you’re thinking of using a combination of digital marketing traditional media- check out the services here.


For websites  



Conversions and click-throughs



Showcase expertise, build authority



Ebooks, case studies, checklists


To inform and engage customers


Bundles for ads or campaigns


For launches or funnels



Marketing campaigns and reports


“Elizabeth directed me into developing strong foundations for my digital marketing, and her own marketing skills were invaluable. She is a natural – a passionate, creative and very knowledgeable women who was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Natalie Bull

Counsellor, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist, The Mother’s Collective, 2017

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