SEO Copywriting 

Copywriting for websites

Does trying to write compelling marketing copy leave you in a cold sweat? Does your business rely on being found online?

Whether you’re starting a new website build or expanding your business offerings, SEO copywriting helps your business reach your ideal customers.

The truth is- most businesses are too busy working IN their business, to work ON their business. And often the job of website writing is left to in-house staff.

Unfortunately, this means your online marketing may not be getting the attention it needs- from you, your customers or from Google.

SEO copywriting for online success

I’ve been crafting engaging, strategic and effective SEO marketing words for large brands, agencies and small businesses since 2008.

While SEO copywriting is a must for websites, it’s more important what customers DO when they find you online.

An experienced SEO copywriter understands your ideal customer, what motivates them, and knows how to create content that compels them to take ACTION.

Think of SEO copywriting like the divine marriage between technology, marketing and psychology. It’s only when you truly understand your customer, that SEO copywriting turns into a powerful tool that helps your business succeed online. 

“Elizabeth provided copywriting and SEO services to a diverse range of web design clients for North Coast Internet, for seven years.

Being able to utilise the services of an experienced copywriter, who actually understood SEO and how to mark-up copy for websites, allowed my business to offer a truly value-added service to my clients. Elizabeth always delivered to deadlines and was totally reliable.

Elizabeth always understood the needs of different clients, and I had no hesitation allowing her to deal with clients directly- feedback about her services was always super positive.

If you want a professional, reliable and fun person to work with in your business, then I can’t recommend Elizabeth highly enough!”

Glen Schaefer

Owner, North Coast Internet, 2014

Why SEO Copywriting?


Helps your business get found online, by improving your Google rankings


Incorporates targeted keywords and phrases, without keyword ‘stuffing’

Supports your online business and marketing goals– now and into the future


Engages your ideal audience, while using language that Google loves

Integrates seamlessly with your existing SEO keyword strategy


Compels your customers to take action, without being ‘salesy’

“Elizabeth was awesome to work with both in terms of her approach and skills. Sorting all the copy for our website was no mean feat, however her expertise, friendly nature and can do attitude makes a task like this for a layman like me much more pleasurable & successful! Thanks!

Liz Bull

Managing Director, Dr Voxx - Interactive Feedback Systems - Market Research, 2019

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