SEO copywriter: meet the bird behind the words

I’m Elizabeth Bond, the copywriter behind Whirlybird Words.

I write marketing words for regional businesses, freeing you up to focus on what you do best- running your business.  

Growing regional business: one word at a time

I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of innovative, collaborative and inspiring businesses.

I understand the kinds of challenges regional businesses face. Whether it’s a lack of skills, a tight budget or just plain old overwhelm.

However, the beauty of technology is, no matter what you do or where you live, you get exposure on the world stage. But if you’re going to get noticed, your words need to work hard. Really hard.

“From the moment Elizabeth and I started talking, I found her to be insightful and dedicated. She is passionate about delivering a message and telling stories, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Elizabeth is a good listener and communicator – she quickly grasped the needs and goals of our business and suggested some very useful courses of action. I like the manner in which Elizabeth can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done for a given market or campaign. She would be an asset to any business.”

Jonathan Granek

Owner, Scotts Hub, 2018

Transform your business with the right words

Does your business struggle to find the time or have staff with the skills (or will) to write your marketing words?

Unfortunately, rushed writing without clear benefits means your business won’t get results. Wouldn’t you rather avoid wasting time which could be better spent in other areas of your business?

Having the right words develops trust, builds your brand and creates genuine connections with your customers. But more importantly, the right words impact your bottom line. But, crafting the right words takes time and expertise.

SEO copywriting helps your business succeed online

I’ve been writing engaging, effective and strategic SEO marketing words for businesses and organisations since 2008. Now I’m focussing on websites, blogs, social media and other digital marketing content.

With a background in media, digital marketing and communications, I bring a dynamic range of skills and expertise to every copywriting project- ensuring your business gets real results.

I also have some bits of paper (but really, they’re pretty!), with qualifications in journalism, film and media, marketing and training

“Smart, astute and witty, Elizabeth at Whirlybird Words has a mountain of up to date knowledge and skills to skyrocket your marketing and writing endeavours. Highly Recommend.”

Tracy Chambers

Yoga Instructor, Marine Biologist, 2018

Take the next step

Do you need an experienced copywriter who is dedicated to taking the overwhelm out of your marketing?

Someone who is genuinely committed to seeing your business succeed?

Get on with the real work of running your business and contact me now for a no-obligation chat.

But wait there’s more: random titbits

1. As a kid I played dictionary games with my father and words have intrigued me ever since. Did you know ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ is (or was at the time!) the longest word in the English language?

2. I live on a property by the beach with my two dogs Banjo and Maggie (office managers), on the spectacular Mid North Coast of NSW in Australia.

3. I enjoy drinking green tea. A lot of green tea.

4. I love sharing what I know. When delivering social media workshops to small business owners, I once got to sit in the Mayor’s high-backed chair and motion new local initiatives!

5. I’ve taught English as a second language in Australia and overseas, and have to confess to taking great delight in sharing Aussie slang and swear words.

6. Music, dancing, nature and laughter are my soul song.

7. I’ve been a qualified Tai Chi and Qigong instructor since 2003, but I’m still not Zen. However, I have fulfilled one of my life goals- to go to China and practice Tai Chi on the Great Wall of China.

8. I often get asked- why the name ‘Whirlybird Words’? If you’re curious, find out why I called my business ‘Whirlybird Words’.

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