How Whirlybird Words was hatched

It started simply enough

Like every business owner, I wanted a business name that reflected what I did AND was unique.

While a lot of solo business owners use their own name for their business name, ‘Elizabeth Bond’ just happens to be a US soap opera star and dominates the pages of the Google search results.

Clearly, I wasn’t going to compete. Or worse, be confused with a drama Queen! Although she does have GREAT hair.

What’s in a name?

I wanted to find a name that acknowledged my passion for working with regional businesses.

I also needed to be able to use that same name for my website address and social media handles.

Finding a business name that ticks all of these boxes and is available on the Australian Business Register, is not as easy as it sounds.


The bird is the word

At my previous workplace, I had a clear view of the roof of the neighbouring office building.

On top of the roof was a whirlybird. You know, one of those round metal air ventilation gizmos that lets out building heat? A bird would regularly come and sit on top of the whirlybird, preening and chirping, as it turned around and around.

This bird was always flying solo. Its birdy buddies would cluster on a nearby antenna and look on, but never join in. It just kept on doing its own thing, oblivious to the scrutiny of the other birds, even when the wind picked up and it was a wild whirlybird ride.

The original Whirlybird 

Inspiration strikes!

I loved watching this bird. I loved that it was unafraid of being completely unique.

It looked so Zen, turning around and around, month after month. And this lone bird inspired me. It inspired me to follow my own path and to leave my job.

And it inspired me to call my business Whirlybird Words.  


Take flight!

If this anecdote has left you feeling all warm and fuzzy, get some of your own Whirlybird Words here.

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