Content Marketing

Strategy breeds success

Do you know what digital marketing content your business needs to succeed?

While you probably already have a website, you soon realise that your business needs to create a range of ongoing marketing content, to thrive in the long-term.

Content that targets new audiences, but also nurtures existing customers. Content that is engaging and relevant at all stages of the sales cycle, and content that works.

Don’t waste time and money on the content treadmill! Whether you’re blogging, email marketing or live on social media, creating a content strategy helps you nail what to publish, where to publish it and when.

Why content marketing?

Creating strategic content marketing, is about more than trying to maintain a presence or keep up with the competition. Targeted, engaging and consistent content:

  showcases your expertise and builds authority

 develops and positions your brand 

  nurtures relationships with existing customers

  targets and cultivates new audiences

  improves your SEO and Google rankings

But creating strategic content marketing while running a business can be exhausting! Get in touch to find out more.

“Elizabeth was highly recommended from a friend, and rightly so.

She helped me develop a robust content marketing strategy and a clear process to avoid chaos once we launched. Working with her gave me a lot of clarity about how to create a well-oiled content marketing machine.

Elizabeth is professional, very pleasant to deal with and easy to get along with, which is important especially with a long-distance on-screen collaboration.

I found the whole experience of working with her awesome and positive!”

Hicham El Amrani

Director, 21st Century Job Skills, 2020

5-step strategy to success

Step 1 SNAPSHOT: we examine where you’re currently at in your business and identify your short-term goals and bigger picture vision.

Step 2 DEEP DIVE: now we’ll get granular and look at your current business marketing, what’s working, what’s not and how your marketing maps back to your business goals.

Step 3 PLAN TO WIN: now the fun part! We’ll work out what to roll out, where and when, cornerstone or evergreen content, content repurposing and what systems to use.

Step 4 SCHEDULE: here we develop a content calendar across different channels, a content creation schedule and workflow, and assign who is responsible.

Step 5 REVIEW AND BUILD: finally we create a review process and work out what you’ll measure, when and how, who will do it, identify areas of change and what’s the next step?  

Ready? Get in touch for more information

“Elizabeth is intelligent, dedicated and creative. She simplified the process throughout the entire process and I also liked the way she really ‘owned’ the project, in terms of the level of thinking and input.

It was challenging, from a personal perspective, only because it required me to really think critically about certain aspects of the business. And also simple! Because she created a clear path for the process to go down.”

Liz Bull

Director, Dr Voxx, 2019

“Elizabeth directed me into developing strong foundations for my digital marketing, and her own marketing skills were invaluable. She is a natural – a passionate, creative and very knowledgeable women who was an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Natalie Bull

Counsellor, Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist, The Mother’s Collective, 2017

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Someone who is genuinely committed to seeing your business succeed?

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